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Summer Speech Practice Program
  • If your child receives speech and language therapy services during the school year and you would like them to receive those same services over the summer, this is meant for you!

  • This program is designed for preschool to middle school aged students with an active IEP.

  • Summer sessions will be offered over two scheduled blocks. You can register for one block (4 weeks of sessions) or both blocks (8 weeks of sessions). The first block will run June 4-27 and the second from July 9-August 1.

  • Each session will last 30 minutes. You can choose how many sessions you would like per week.

  • The investment for each block of 4 sessions is $300.

  • Summer sessions will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  • In-person or virtual options available.

  • You may fill out this form to begin the registration process: 


Speaking Practice

Speech Sound Disorders

Services for articulation and phonology disorders will increase your child's speech intelligibility by teaching them how to correctly produce and use their speech sounds through play-based activities.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys


Services can help your child understand and express language. This includes following directions, build vocabulary, creating sentences, asking and answering questions, and age-appropriate grammar.

Child Counseling


Fluency services increase your child's ability to confidently communicate by focusing on activities for education, awareness, and beliefs about stuttering and finding tools to help reduce the impact their stuttering has on their communication abilities.

Getting Started



This free session via phone (15 minutes) is the perfect opportunity to address your concerns and determine if an evaluation is needed.



A comprehensive evaluation includes assessment, clinical observation, and caregiver interview. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed report of the findings. We will then discuss your child's individualized speech treatment plan.


Individualized Therapy

Your child will receive individualilzed treatment in their area of need. Sessions are designed to facilitate steady progress by utilizing specialized play-based treatment approaches.

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